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Intelligent Project Planning & Management

HyperPMA gives you the ability to drive your team and stun your clients
with efficient, proactive project management.

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"HyperPMA is unlike anything we've ever seen. The ability it gives us to watch and approve what is being done on our project at any given moment has been critical to our comfort level in working with our project management team. From a client's perspective, I can't imagine not having HyperPMA at the center of our project!"

Matthew D. Rizolt Marketing

"I chose my contractor because they used this project development software and after interacting with HyperPMA for almost 2 years on almost a daily basis, I am very happy I did. I would not even think about working with a contractor that did not use this software! It is just great."


"HyperPMA is without question an industry leading tool, enabling the management and the delivery of our projects. Having used HyperPMA as a client, as well as having more than 30 years of development experience on small to multiple thousand person teams, I cannot overstate the value HyperPMA provides to both the customer and developer."

Mike M. Epic Matchups

"HyperPMA allowed our company to go from zero to hero on Elance, the largest freelancer platform on the planet. We have delivered over $1.6 million in contract value with a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating."

Stephen F.

"We searched high and low for a software or web based application to help us develop and maintain our information gathering systems. We have been blessed to find HyperPMA. It gives us the transparency we require, daily accountability, and intricate organization. Hands down, this is the best project management tool ever."

Rita C.

"HyperPMA has given me the ability to take control over the development process, allowing me to see each stage of my project being built. Using Hyper has improved communication between myself and the developers, and ultimately led to a better website."

Victor C. Medspoon, LLC

Features & Benefits

HyperPMA is one of the most robust Project Management Applications in the IT Development Industry. And it is affordable. $15 per month for up to 10 active projects and 5gb of space gets you started. Unlimited staff and unlimited clients are included at every subscription level. As you grow, you can easily upgrade at any time! Do you want to increase your profitability by up to 30%? We'll show you how.

We created the application to solve a number of issues developers and their clients face daily. These include complete project planning, contract generation, project assignment, automated client statuses, client reviews and approval, post delivery support, employee/contractor time and task tracking by the hour and by the project, and multiple phase project development. Instead of both you and your clients guessing where you are in a project, we put you in the "know" and we do it instantly, from ALL perspectives.

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HyperPMA is an incredibly power tool and we would love to teach you how to use it! Let us know when it would be convenient for you to attend one of our webinars. We will respond to you the same day to schedule your demo! Tips and tricks, client and staff management, and how to avoid the industry's "black holes" of development are always on the agenda.

Roles and Methods

You don't have to change what you do to use HyperPMA. Please understand we have listed the common roles users in HyperPMA assume. This DOES NOT mean you have to have a person for each of these roles. Each member of your staff can have Production, QA, Planning, Assignment, and Reports roles assigned to them. What's more, they can have any combination of these roles assigned to them. This way, HyperPMA wraps around YOUR processes and roles!


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