Impress Your Boss (or Clients) While Working from Home


The workplace in the 21st century is slowly moving out of the traditional office space and becoming more remote with each passing day.

In an effort to cut down on rental costs and giving their employees more flexibility, many companies today are going for freelance hires or simply giving their full time workers the ability to do much of their work from home.

If you are one of these employees who has the opportunity to do a lot of work remotely, here are some helpful tips and tricks to accomplishing more and staying on task.


Whether you are working in the office or working from home, communication is arguably the most important element to a successful business. As an employee who is working remotely, having open communication with your boss or supervisor is key to having them trust you and allowing you to continue to work from home.

Whether it is consistent emails throughout the workday or you install Skype messaging app on your computer, having a way to keep in touch and inform them of your progress along the way is one of the most important parts to your success in working from home.

Set Goals for YourselfA Day at Home Series

Even though your are likely working on a different schedule than the traditional 9 to 5 or even working the same amount of hours in a day, having a checklist of things you can accomplish that day is one of the best ways to keep yourself focused and on track.

Before you begin your work day, set out a schedule of what your house will look like and give yourself a list of tasks, beginning with the most important ones first. By either working your way down the list and placing tasks in specific time slots, you can keep yourself busy and accomplish more throughout the day.

Give Yourself a Set Schedule

While you may not have to work a 9 to 5 in the office, giving yourself hard hours that you can commit to is another great way to make sure you stay focused and on task throughout the day. Are you going to work from 8 to 12 and again from 6 to 10? Make sure you stick to this schedule and inform your boss or coworkers of what times you will be working. If you make yourself available to them during those times and stick to them, you will be far less likely to become distracted during your hours.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

This is another important area where having a set checklist of goals to accomplish throughout the day can help you in being far more successful. By limiting yourself to only one task at a time, you can do your best possible work with it before moving on to something else. If you are trying to work on three different projects all at once, you will likely get distracted and not do as high quality work as you expect from yourself.

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