5 Signs You’re an Awesome Project Manager


In such an evolving and new profession like project management, it can be difficult to know if you are really that successful or working as well as you could be. Fortunately, you are not alone in this world of unknown success, and we have come up with some of the best ways to know if you truly are an awesome project manager.

1. You’re a Natural Leader

No matter what profession you work in throughout your life, you will always be faced with adversity or important tasks. How you analyze these situations and take initiative in leading those around you in these times are what make a great leader. As a project manager, you are that go-to person in charge who is calling all the shots in the long run. If you can stay calm under pressure and direct your team in the right manner, you have the makings of a great project manager.

2. You Have Great Communication Skills

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or simply a sales representative, possessing quality communication skills is one of the most important features of any good worker. The project manager has to possess the best communication skills of their entire team and co-workers as they will have to pass down any direction and coherently explain each task to make sure it gets done correctly and in a very timely fashion.

3. You’re Organized

For a project manager, keeping everything and 2JULYhpma107everyone on the same page is one of the most important elements to the success or failure of a project. If you lose any important information due to not being organized, you could be in some serious hot water with a client.

Quality project managers always keep their files and all important information in one place that is easy to keep track of and easy to access. The more organized you are, the better you can keep the rest of your team on track and the client happy.

4. Enthusiastic

Every project is bound to hit a rough patch where morale takes a big hit and the rest of the team begins to feel a little distraught. As an awesome project manager, it is your job to keep everyone excited and upbeat. If you are able to turn things around when they take a turn for the worst, you will more than likely see high quality results out of both yourself and your entire team. The happier and more excited people are, the more productive they are and better work they will produce.

5. You Make Personal Connections With Your Team

We have all had that boss that didn’t like getting involved in our personal lives. If you got your job done and didn’t goof off, you could keep him happy. Many workers today though enjoy having a relationship with their boss outside of work. Whether it means playing golf, going to sporting events, or having consistent company outings, these thins can all lead to a happier work environment. As the project manager, try to go out of your way to make a connection with your team and those working underneath you. If you are genuinely interested in their lives, they will appreciate that investment in them and will be more motivated to work harder and produce better work for you.

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